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Chapter 2 (Kern, Los Angeles, Riverside; San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura)
Chapter 3 (San Diego and Imperial Counties)
Chapter 4 (Orange County)
District IX (California)

National Resources 


Foster Care Champions

Providers who have special interest and knowledge about their county’s foster care system who are available  if you have questions or problems with providing care for your county’s foster children. 
Alameda County:  dhalberg [at] (Diane Halberg)   
Contra Costa County: Abraham.Rice [at] (Abraham Rice)   
Del Norte County: Kdembinski [at] (Karolina Dembinski)   
Fresno County: phyden [at] (Phil Hyden)
Kings County: phyden [at] (Phil Hyden)
Madera County: phyden [at] (Phil Hyden)
Mendocino County: dr3palm [at] (Danielle Dixon)  
Merced County: phyden [at] (Phil Hyden)   
Sacramento County: archhoop [at] (Rachel Weinreb) and Vickeaj [at] (Angie Vickers)  
San Francisco County: chris.stewart [at] (Chris Stewart) and Jessica.axelrod [at] (Jennifer Axelrod)
San Mateo County: kaplanharvey [at] (Harvey Kaplan)
Santa Clara County: johnstirling [at] (John Stirling)
Solano County: Christina.g.thomas [at] (Christina Thomas) 
Stanislaus County: phyden [at] (Phil Hyden)
Tehama County: ssinclair [at] (Sharon Sinclair)
Yolo County: Vickeaj [at] (Angie Vickers)

Mental Health

Teen Depression.  Helps teens understand depression and how it differs from regular sadness. Describes symptoms, causes, and treatments, with information on getting help and coping. 

Residency Programs


Specialty Societies


Immunization Resources


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School Health

SHC Sports Concussion Management Project

Sports Concussion Assessment Form

Sports Concussion Care Plan

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