Joining AAP Chapter 1 is an excellent opportunity to participate in advocacy, education and networking at a local level. Our chapter covers Northern California, from the Oregon border to central California down to Tulare and Inyo Counties, and is composed of over 2,000 members. We are involved with the six training programs in Northern California and have members at large representing different areas throughout the region. If there is no representative in your area, we welcome you to become that leader. Recognizing local needs and acting upon them is the crux of what the AAP represents and we hope to support our members at all levels. 

Please join us at one of our committee meetings (Advocacy, CME, Development, etc.) to get to know other members and learn about leadership structure. The AAP is made up of leaders and the AAP strives to train more. Physicians who are active in the AAP are often people who want to make a difference on a larger, public health level in addition to their individual patient care. Advocating for children and/or fellow physicians on a state and national level brings a wholeness and larger scope of fulfillment that goes beyond the clinic or hospital. 

Local networking is essential for effective change and joining the chapter is a great way to meet physicians from a variety of practices: large group, small group, managed care, academic, inpatient/hospitalist and subspecialty. 

The bottom line is that becoming involved in Chapter 1 opens doors for meeting other physicians and accomplishing incredible things outside of your own patient care environment. There are leadership positions available and you are welcome to create your own if there is a way that it would benefit your community. Even if you are too busy to become directly involved, by becoming a member you are supporting people who are making a difference. We welcome you to join us and help make your community a better place. 

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